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DATE OF GRANT: March 2018


FOCUS AREA: Education

Support for Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Washington’s Busing Program over a 3-year Term

This grant will provide the funds necessary to maintain access to affordable, high-quality
programming for elementary, middle and high school age youth by providing safe and reliable transportation.

The specific objectives for this project include:

1. Maintain current busing program by providing safe and consistent transportation to the current Club members that rely on the service.
2. Open club doors to youth and their families that have the most needs by removing barriers to Club access.
3. Continue to provide access to year-round enrichment field trips, which help BGCSW staff make a deeper impact in the lives of the kids.

With a fleet of three buses and three passenger vans, the transportation program provides daily service from area schools to clubhouses. The program serves students from seven elementary schools and one middle school.
In addition, the fleet is also used to provide transportation to/from special events, community service projects, off-site enrichment opportunities and summer field trips that all youth (elementary through high-school) participate in. Lastly, member teens that participate in the College Prep program rely exclusively on this transportation to visit local colleges and employers as part of their learning experience.

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