Grantee Stories


DATE OF GRANT: March 2018


FOCUS AREA: Arts & Culture

Purchase of new garden truck

Lan Su Chinese Garden relies on a truck that is older than the garden itself. A caring community member donated it to the garden when La Su opened its doors in 2000. Now, seventeen years later, thanks to careful maintenance and care, the truck will celebrate its 20th year in motion. The truck has been the gardens primary mode of transportation for getting staff, volunteers, plants, and dirt between the garden and our greenhouses and multiple storage units. In addition, the truck facilitates our involvement in the community. It transports a 20-foot Chinese New Dragon for parades and other events and the booth we use for community and cultural fairs.

Unfortunately, the truck needed a litany of repairs to keep it running and a replacement was in order. With this request, the Lan Su Chinese Garden asked the Firstenburg Foundation for a grant to purchase a new truck for the garden. As part of this purchase, Lan Su was also able to purchase a canopy for the truck as well as a trailer.

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