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Maryhill Museum of Art


DATE OF GRANT: March 2016


FOCUS AREA: Arts & Culture

Museum Building Restoration Project

The exterior of Maryhill Museum’s historic 100 year old building has suffered damage from years of exposure to the harsh Columbia Gorge climate and from past repairs which, while well-intentioned, did not sufficiently address the underlying causes of water damage and stucco failure. This project will permanently address these issues by replacing the decking on the building’s roofs and ramps, making critical repairs in areas adjacent to the roof flashings and gutters, and reapplying the exterior stucco. Finally, the entire stucco exterior will be painted in the original color, reinvigorating the appearance of the building and placing it within its historic context. The project will enable the museum to better protect the building and its world-class, irreplaceable collections. This project is part of a broader initiative to ensure that the museum has the capacity for enhancements, preservation and conservation of its facilities, buildings, gardens and ranch lands representing over 5,300 acres well into the future.


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